Molecule 02 Eau de Parfum - 50ml


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Molecule 02 is based on Ambroxan, a nature-identical aroma-molecule that replicates Ambergris.

The stratospheric cost of its extraction makes it prohibitive for use in fragrances. Ambergris itself is one of the few natural animalic fragrance ingredients that has no connotations of cruelty because it is produced and excreted by the sperm whale.

It can float on the ocean for years evolving under the influence of sun and salt water. Then it is collected when it washes up on shore, by which stage its distinctive nutty, warm scent is a symphony of boronal, ambrinol, dihydro ionone gamma – and its best-smelling aromatic part, ambroxan. Use our Molecule 02 and you will notice a fresh, mineral, smoothness which subtly expands to envelop you.

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