Oud Samrat (Firmenich) 10ml


This material contains natural oud oil. 

The natural oud found in Oud Samrat is Firmenich's Oud Assafi, which is the highest grade extract of Aquilaria malaccensis, a variety that Firmenich initially registered for use in perfumery. It comes from Assam, the birthplace of oud. Three enticing specialties created with Oud Assafi are Oud Maleki, Oud Samrat, and Oud Anokha. In June, Oud Assafi was launched at WPC.

This is a product from Firmenich's collection that was introduced during the 2018 World Perfumery Congress.  Very strong and long lasting, especially regarding the typical woody animalic facet of oud. 

With its unusual animalic essence and prominent woody and ambery notes, Oud Samrat possesses the distinctive oud quality perfect for use in fine perfumery. At 10.00 in dpg.


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