Amber Xtreme™ (IFF) 10ml



IFF description: 

This ingredient was previously a captive fragrance ingredient for the exclusive use of IFF’s perfumers and is now available for broad use within the fragrance industry.

Amber Xtreme is an amber woody ingredient that enhances fragrance performance. Its performance and stability make it desirable across a spectrum of product categories including fine fragrances, beauty care, fabric care and household cleaners. Amber Xtreme provides olfactive versatility in conjunction with a range of leading fragrance ingredients.

Carlos Benaim, VP, Master Perfumer, said, “I have used Amber Xtreme successfully in both men’s and women’s fragrances. It provides tremendous depth and power in a way that is appreciated by the consumer. One of the special attributes of this ingredient is its ability to enhance fragrance across many product categories.”

“Amber Xtreme is a versatile material that brings volume and warmth to any creation," added Steve Nicoll, VP, Senior Perfumer. “At low levels it combines extremely well with musky notes and is appreciated by consumers for its soft sensual character. At higher levels its signature is more powerful and its fresh woody aspects really stand out.”

Sold at 10.00 in organic DPG. 

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