Creed Aventus Inspired Fragrance oil


Over the years we have trialled and tested many different batches of Creed Aventus, and have developed a formula which we find brings out the best, in each ingredient.

We use the Highest quality raw materials available on the market, Which are all purchased from the United Kingdom & The Netherlands. 

The Bergamot oil that we use is furocoumarin free, making it safe to use in the sun, unlike 90% of bergamot oils on the market. 

The Patchouli we use is harvested in Brazil and is of outstanding quality. If you would like any info on any of the raw materials used, just send me a message and I'll be happy to discus it with you and provide you with everything you would like to know. 

We also use two groundbreaking ingredients in our formula, Hedione & Iso E Super. Hedione being scientifically proven to activate the putative pheromone receptor VN1R1, which occurs in the human olfactory epithelium. Researchers showed that the scent of Hedione generates s e x -specific activation patterns in the brain. 

Iso E Super has also been suggested to have strong alluring and pheromone like, qualities. It is the main and only Ingredient used in the Award winning Molecule 01 By Eccentric Molecules.

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